Top 7 Email Marketing Trends in 2018

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Email marketing continues to be one of the most flexible and reliable tool which is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox. Marketers have to continuously progress in their email marketing tactics, to systematize the changing audience. CRM software for email marketing aims for individual audience rather than ambiguous audience.


Instigate on these Trends of Email Marketing in 2018

  1. Big Data Personalisation:

Transforming Big Data into actions of conduct for email marketers begins with breaking down data silos into channels. Gathering data from various sources such as cloud, social media data and real time data, helps in connecting the dots. The structuring data can be organized into useful analytics.

  1. Incorporating Visual Content in Emails:

As web is becoming more visually oriented, consequently is the email. Inculcating images into an email is a way to catch the audience attention. Apart from images marketers are now applying videos in the emails. This helps to get better in open rates and improve engagement. This marketing trend is likely to bloom in the near future.

  1. Automated Emails:

An automated email is a onetime setup and is sent when there is a trigger. The productivity can be outsized with a small percentage of email volume and huge prospect s for brands gets better to engaging subscribers.

  1. Interactive Content:

Interactive email effectively handles the audience with the minimal effort for them. They don’t need to redirect from the inbox to view the content. This marketing trend may include interacting with the online forms, videos and social media within the inbox. This technique makes it more probable with the less efforts required for the used to complete a task.

  1. Engaging through Mobile Device:

The focus here is to creating contents that should be mobile friendly and convenient for the users. When the content is mobile optimized, it counts to grade up the ranking factors and hence increase the productivity.

  1. Targeting and Segmenting:

Dynamic content is important as it assist to makes changes according to the recipient. This helps in segmentation the list of email, location based emails. Thus this helps in creating a unique user experience and gaining value.

  1. Integrating Social Media Data:

The future of email marketing would be through utilizing the live social media feeds in the emails. Email marketing is now becoming a trend that supports campaigns on social and other channels.


Email is yet another tool for modern marketers and there are much more ways to bring the most of it. Beginning from mobile to flawless interactive content and towards automation, the trend evolves. For every amount spent, email generates revenue. But, not all CRM software offers the same performance. As such, deciding upon the best software for CRM email marketing is decisive to any business. Try out Xobber to get a best user experience. Efficient marketing automation tool would offer from campaigns to extremely integrated datasets. A triggered campaign liberates up time and delicates the other aspects of business. Companies may also want to take benefit by adapting cloud-based technology and responsiveness. Merging email campaigns with the CRM toolbox offers a range of options and flexibility to the business.


Xobber is software that is automated which assist in making a high-value business with the clients you target. The automated system allows figuring out various sources of data from distinct data sources and do follow-up according to the business plan.

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