Risks of Data Breach in your CRM system

Privacy is now a threat to any company. A CRM system is vital for any company as it has to handle with enormous amount of data.  If the CRM data is not authentic and credible, it can destroy your client’s trust and loose fame of your business against competitors.  It is crucial to avoid data breach to maintain the data. Security systems helps to oversee that the information is not misused. It is necessary to look for a CRM that can store the appropriate data with high confidentiality.

How CRM can assist to manage Data security:

  1. Multiple Access Ability:

CRM allows collaboration of distinct departments. Over and above the facility for the employees to perform tasks from anywhere. This allows having a solution in one place to ensure data security. This can be most effectively done by giving access levels for individual employees. Setting password-protected logins enables access levels to each employee to accomplish their daily tasks and lessens the possibility of perceptive information being leaked inadvertently.


  1. Transparency and precision:

A company can posses numerous amount of information from various data sources stored in distinct places by any number of departments. The various copies of contacts, campaigns and other information are in security threat. If kept inappropriately or transferred out of the organisation, the devices and the information they hold can cause a significant threat to the privacy of the company’s data.

A proper CRM system consolidates information in such a way as to merge and migrate to a central database from which all individuals within an organisation can pull out the information.


  1. Professional Training and Support:

Ineffective training can effect in an unintentional outflow of data. A bad support system can be a threat to the business. Several modern CRMs propose on-going support contracts via a number of contact options. By understanding how the CRM works and training the employees as to handling the issues can help being productive and can assist when need arises. This helps to take measures on security issues and solve them.

Employees are bound to be careful when data is transferred. As technology advances and new technologies come forward, there are possibilities of the security protocols becoming outdated. It is necessary to educate your employees regarding the usage of the CRM software.


  1. Monitor CRM activity regularly:

Keeping a track of the regular activities can help in getting a clear view of daily tasks. Security alerts notifies in the instance of unauthorized access or security can avoid data breaks. It is advisable to create real-time online dashboards to consistently monitoring the security status of the CRM system. A lot of these dashboard tools posses out-of-the-box capabilities to integrate with the security system and can help you quickly track the key security metrics of the information.

Breaches in the data might ruin the company’s reputation and lets competitors overtake you. Through multiple security techniques and well-trained employees, you can meet your business needs.

Xobber provides high privacy for the client’s data. The cloud based system reports with real time data. Xobber CRM system is suitable for sales team to access the data in office and in field.

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