Importance of CRM for Education Industry

crm for education industry

Education is a business like no other business. In the education industry, customers are its students, alumni, donors and staff members, and the products or services being offered is knowledge. Though, being different from other businesses, the success of it is still bound to the customers experience and satisfaction. The use of CRM for education industry is growing as its proven that it effectively increases the student relationship management efficiency.

Here is some key importance of CRM for education industry:

  1. Enrollment Process Management

The education CRM system builds up Student Lifecycle Management through notable engagement at all touch points. A student’s lifecycle starts with enrollment, then comes the retention phase and the entire student’s cycle ends with the student getting a degree and becoming an alumnus. Complete student admission/ enrollment process can be managed from one single CRM suite. It can store all the student information.


  1. Enriching Students Experience

The students now getting enrolled are more connected with social media and new technologies than that of any previously enrolled students. So, to reach out to them on a more personal level and to improve their perceptions about your institution, it is important to adopt a modern CRM system. Modern CRM applications are offering more social media and email marketing integrations to help interact more with your potential students.


  1. Long-Lasting Relationship with Alumni

Alumnus is valuable assets for every educational institution, they create recognition for your institute outside the institute. So, it’s important to be in touch with your alumnus and keep them informed of your achievements and include them as part of institutions future. By having all the student contacts available on one CRM system, alumni management becomes effective at finding and keeping in touch with them is easy.


  1. Donors Management

CRM in education keeps records of all donors for its institutions. This helps in recognizing top donors and maintain an automated communication process with these key donors, investigate future fundraising campaigns. Also, helps increase the number of donors based on research and behavior analyses of already existing donors.


  1. Discovering Potential Respond for Future Enrollment

The success or reputation of an education system is determined by its students. So, in this case, it’s very important for the institution to enroll students with high caliber. Education industry can go for inbound marketing to reach those potential students whose contact details are not there through connecting it with CRM.


  1. Quick Communication/ Responses

Integrating social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook with your CRM enable you to receive all the notifications and enquiries on a single workplace, making you give rapid responses and not missing out any enquiry.


  1. Campaigns and Marketing Management

CRM module offers various ways of maintaining marketing campaigns and control budget. And you can also mine data easily for future marketing campaigns. It also comes with the facility of email and social media campaigning and event scheduling and calendar management.


The above was some of the CRM benefits for the education industry, there are lots more in the education CRM. If you’re looking for an education CRM system to be successful contact us at Xobber. Xobber offers customizable CRM software to fit all business requirements as per their needs. The development of customized CRM for education industry assists them in increasing students and work more effectively.

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