impact of gst on crm

Many business-related Softwares are out there, they have been in the use for more than two decades. This software has now become inevitable & also play an important role in the economy of India. As a result of GST implementation, there are plenty of changes need to be done in the software that is already in use. GST impact on the software is more cumbersome & knowledge-driven and goes to market type.

The impact on the software is apparently due to GST will be on the wide range as they are long lasting and crucial.

Following are some known tools that have to undergo considerable changes:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP
  2. Customer Relationship Management, CRM
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Digital Marketing Products

ERP modules like finance, sales, inventory, planning, operation, etc. have to be updated as required by the GST reform.

Apart from ERP, the CRM system is a known business tool which is widely used in the majority of the small & medium scale industries. Making changes to the existing CRM in small & medium scale industries should be one the topmost priorities for techies because SMEs play a vital role in providing a lifeline to the economy of India. Overlooking at this sector can cause massive vulnerabilities to the business & simultaneously affecting remuneration of workers in these sectors.

There are several modules in CRM where a large amount of emphasis needs to be placed. The CRM modules like sales, marketing, technical support, customer services should undergo plenty of changes.

In addition to these above described tools, there are few more tools where changes have to be brought. This comprises E-commerce & Digital Marketing products.

Aggregately, the IT industry has to deal with the tremendous number of process changes.

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