How Data Management is critical in CRM Optimization?

crm and data management

A  CRM system with poor data quality is a scourge. Data includes from various data sources such as purchase data, referral sources or from a web analytics. These data must be filtered into useful information and put into use. Handling data in a wrong way can lead to data mismanagement and inaccurate data or missing data leads to impede business operations.  In contrast, structured data allows the CRM system to function smoothly. Thus CRM works well when the data is precise and specific. The CRM works as intended only when the lead and contact details are up to date. The sales pipeline activity also reflects on the deal progression, which therefore needs definite data. Data management system can be a solution for CRM software as it supports in inculcating the right data into the CRM. Consider the following points for a well defined CRM and data management strategy:

  1. Data Segmentation

Classifying the data into various forms and types and to distinct data helps in segregating the right data into your CRM.  Segmenting data allows allocating the information in different boxes. The aim of segmentation organizing the data according to the sales cycle and optimizing sales cycle.


  1. Organizing the Data

Adoption of CRM is usually for business upgradation through marketing and sales activities. The data must be constantly updated and accurate according to the business strategy. CRM enables the ability to import the data and use it in near future.


  1. Improves Visibility

Beginning from the top level management to a sales representative, will have a visibility of the CRM. There is an extreme case of miscommunication or a lack of conciseness in the data so that everyone has a visibility of the data. This creates transparency among everyone and be on the same page, unless there is a choice to limit someone’s access.


  1. Helps in Tracking

Tracking enables generating leads from various sources. CRM can track the medium which brings the highest leads. The data then gets stored in the cloud platform. These data can be extracted from the cloud. Cloud data provides a high secured data assisting sales team to access from any type of devices and from any location. Cloud system is conveniently available and is therefore tracking becomes an easy task.


  1. Centralization of Data

For a CRM to be efficient it is significant to note how tasks get accomplished.  In a era of big data, a CRM system must be capable of handling a customer’s order history and sales activities of each sales employee. Avoiding siloed data also allows the information access to everyone and also ascertains that the data entered are accurate. Centralized data also intends that no matter who is accessing the CRM system, the most up-to-date information is available.


Xobber CRM is automated and integrated system with the sales and marketing activities of a business which helps your team make an overview of the high-value businesses and clients you target. This data allows figuring out your pre sales and post sales activities and doing follow-up that inevitably gives the power to build a better business plan.

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