CRM and Customer Experience: How CRM Affects Customer Experience

crm and customer experience

It is no secret now that digital transformation is disturbing the way businesses are interacting with its customers. Being left behind is never fun, yet a very real peril. Simply doing nothing is not an option anymore. Everyone needs to find an approach to make their business stand out and keep their customers coming back to them.

You need to have clear and comprehensive view of who are your customers, what they are doing and what they need. These insights will only help everyone in your organisation to deliver a consistent enormous experience in each single interaction with the customer.

The essential tool for admirable customer experience is your own CRM system.

In this blog post you will find out about how a CRM system can support you improve your customers experience.

  1. Conclusively aid in keeping touch with your customers:

It is impossible to have a great customer experience in the absence of an ongoing and meaningful communication. And in this operation a CRM system can turned out to be a great tool, as it is progressively getting used as a customer loyalty improvement tool. So, the question is how you can make sure that your customers stay loyal and contented? The answer is- simply by keeping in touch!

Since, CRM system offers you an ample customer database, all you must do it to just reach out to them; you can keep them in your side by letting them know about your company’s news, offers or other such initiatives.


  1. Getting insights about customers need:

Customers nowadays are very talkative, sharing opinions about products or services through various channels such as social media. So, if you want to trace of what’s hot and what’s not, you need to listen to what they have to say. One way of knowing it is by asking opinions of your customers. You can do it by conducting a survey via email marketing, asking them about what perception they have about your products or services and what they want you to do for making their experience better.


  1. Building personal relationships:

Well do you remember what “CRM” stands for? Yes, it is Customer Relationship Management. One way of creating a unique relationship with your customers is by personalizing your communication with them. CRM along with name, address, and contact numbers also records phone calls, email or inquiry sent and that’s a lot of information to know.

You can use it for your advantage like by addressing your customers with their names and by incorporating the data that you know about them while communicating with them, showing them that they are getting treated individually. You will see how your customers towards your company starts improving, when you personalize your communication.


  1. Assists in knowing what your customers desire:

There are plenty of choices available for the customers in today’s world and to gain trust and wallet of them you need to proactively make available products or services relevant for them.

A history of interaction between your customers and you recorded in the CRM system will help you in offering your customers what they want and not what you think customers want. This can be done by making automation in your CRM system.


  1. Furnishing quick support:

A unique and better customer experience also involves offering help and support to your customers when and how they want it.An automated customer service program ensures that enquiries of customers are not lost. Also, customer service software lets you speed up customer inquiries responses.


  1. Maintaining an ongoing journey:

It’s is all about an ongoing journey. Customer likes attention, so it would be better that you keep on talking, not acknowledging customer’s enquiries can result in losing of a customer.You can win only by providing a customer experience which is consistent and better that what your customers providing at every touchpoint.



There is one main idea or concept we want to convey through this blog: Stop thinking that you are controlling your customers, rather today its customers who are controlling you! And this is the reality you need to accept and adapt to.

And the time has come to admit that CRM systems are not helping you only in finding new customers and keeping the existing one, but today it is also a tool to create a customer experience!

Xobber is one such CRM system which can assist you in improving your customer experiences. It comes up with excellent variant features already equipped in it and you too can add furthermore as per your prerequisite.

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