How Big Data Analytics Augments to the CRM system?

Big data system is becoming a powerful solution to the CRM system. The ability of Big Data is to aggregate information to yield a much richer view. Where the data can produce more affluent digital analytics. Big Data is now becoming an evolving business trends as enterprises can turn insights into business operations. Big data adds the functionalities of the business and features of CRM systems by giving more precise, timely and valuable information. The Big data system is an add-on to the CRM, as it can provide a better customer experience that positions your business apart from the competition. By taking in data from various data sources like social media and server logs, anyone can generate leads, retain customers and get better with their customer service processes.


Benefits of Big Data Analytics:

  1. Hadoop System:

The hadoop system can make CRM system’s function more efficient and cost effective. A large number of CRM systems are based on relational database or enterprise data warehouse. These data storage technologies may have lot of drawbacks that delay from data collection and processing challenges. Hadoop with the application on Schema On Read (SOR) and parallelism can allow low cost storage combined with efficient processing.


  1. Improves Customer Experience:

Merging historical data of the customers to theCRM systems endows a real time view of a customer. Collecting such data allows the agent’s to work better with the clients.


  1. Real Time Insights:

To gain a real time insight for a long time, the goal is to provide a personalize services to clients across multiple channels of interaction. The solitary tactic to accomplish digital success is to understand your customers at a micro level at the same time constantly developing strategic decisions for your business.This can help in functioning on real time data bringing a real time view.


  1. Artificial Intelligence:

The explosion of big data is only going to be made possible when there is a wide spread of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Collecting reams of data and processing it as well is significant in CRM’s function. The CRM system can help in here for the processing of the data.


  1. Provides with Predictive Data Analysis:

For any CRM predictive analytics is the using tools of big data to predict business upcoming like customer behaviour. It can foresee which leads that are likely to revolve into clients based on the past behaviour.


Big data analytics is the strategy to analyze the data which identifies the trends and opportunities and gather the information to take necessary action. As big data assures the success, implementing big data should be done with clear goals and direction. Big data analytics is the categorization and filter of the data to come up with the right information at the right time. Determining on what data to collect and analyze can be decisive to the success of big data initiatives.

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