Benefits Of Mobile CRM

benefits of mobile crm

What is a mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM is a tool designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Business having just a CRM in place is not enough to boost the business. It has also become important to have a mobile-friendly CRM.

Mobile CRM lets your employees access, update and reaching out to customers data faster and quicker from anywhere and anytime. It is shortening the Sales Cycle process, reducing the load of data entry, helping the sales team to provide faster customer services and increase the sales operation speed, maximize profits, build a good and long relationship with the customer and many more other benefits.

Why to use mobile CRM?

In this competitive age, no business can flourish without the presence of proper CRM. Now it’s the age where everything goes handy. Technologies are becoming more mobile based, giving rise to need for a mobile CRM. The transfer of users from desktops to mobile technology has become massive and universal. Following are few benefits of CRM you get by using mobile CRM tool:

    1. Fast customer service: The goal of any business is to make its clients elated. In this noisy world which is full of relentless marketing and advertisements, one concept that can definitely differentiate an organisation is enormous customer service. The CRM software can analyze your data, create prosecutable and outcome-oriented triggers to a business. Managing prospects and opportunity pipeline have become easy by adopting mobile CRM strategy.
    2. Sales Cycle shortening: One of the key advantages of enforcing a mobile CRM is that it shortens the sales cycle. Winding up sales with less interaction done allows a sales team to devote more time for working on “new opportunities”, thus growing their earning capability. Each business is distinct when it arrives at its sales cycle, a mobile CRM can be customized in a way that it offers critical data.
    3. Reduced load of data entry: One of the advantages of a CRM is that it captures data automatically. Important calls, mails and SMS are tracked automatically. Further other data like meetings, visits, etc. can be logged by just a few clicks. Nobody loves data entry and that is why everyone loves mobile CRM. It reduces and in some cases, eliminates the work of data entry.
    4. Access to Imperative Information: A mobile CRM tool provides sales teams with prompt access to crucial information such as past performance, sales history, products recently sold and the most up to date pricing and quotation information.
      Mobile CRM’s are also an enormous tool to assemble information at the source. Compressing the number of steps between the original source of data and logging of the information into the system reduces the contingency of failing to amend the CRM.
    5. Boosted business productivity: When sales reps can access the customers’ data quickly then they are more likely to deliver the required service fast and that which fits the requirements of the clients. Mobility adoption gives your sales reps a simplified and quick way of reaching to the customers without requiring sitting down at the desk. Production and planning become faster with the use of mobile CRM solution.
    6. Real-time reports: The top-level team can track the performance of the sales team anytime and from anywhere. The best part is you can also send alerts or notifications.

In this competitive era, any business cannot think of growth without proper mobile CRM app in place. Having a mobile CRM solution is like an extra added arsenal for the business. Mobile CRM tool lets you access your customer data at anytime, anywhere and from everywhere.

If you are looking for a mobile CRM tool, then you can go for Xobber. It is an excellent CRM software along with a mobile CRM application which caters to all the benefits mentioned above and offers much more than this.

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