Application of Artificial Intelligence in CRM system

artificial intelligence in crm

The evolving technology of Cloud computing, social media and mobile devices are pervasive. Everything is connected now to each other from the internet users to the mobile users to the network of information like never before. But, this is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence in CRM system is the next major wave of innovation which is going to flourish in the coming years.

As a prominent context, Artificial Intelligence is equally a comprehension of historical data and relating to what is derived to current contexts to formulate predictions. Thus, Artificial intelligence possesses the ability to turn on the business “smarter”. Utilizing Artificial intelligence in CRM technology thus, enables spotting the basic trends, improve efficiency and track customers.

  • Chatbots that augments computer programs which conducts automatic conversations
  • Customising data for making predictive analysis
  • Analyse information at once in-depth
  • Manual tasking like data entry

These functions enable evolution rather revolution of CRM system by using Artificial Intelligence

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant in CRM helps in importing data, log activities, email activities and scheduling tasks. It is a 24/7 supporting technology for the CRM system. Virtual assistant enables getting things done in an organized manner, automating tasks, deducting duplicates with less percent of errors.


  1. Manage Deals

Managing deals gets tougher when the data is huge. Once a deal is qualified, Artificial intelligence helps to track opportunities. Therefore, sales pipeline enables tracking a deal, discovering the sales insight and predicting the leads. This thus, helps to get recommendations at every stage of the pipeline and monitoring the performance of your sales reps.


  1. Customer and Prospect Engagement

Customer and prospect engagement in near future will be crucial as it incorporates pre-sales activities, product marketing, query handling, customer support and post sales activities. Automation controls this without human intervention. Artificial intelligence is applied to learn about customer behavior and how to keep them engaged. It runs on a set rules tracking the behavior of the prospects. As new CRM trends are evolving, managing the prospects transforming the business leads to an opportunity.


  1. Processing

Data processing is something which companies needs to deal with on a regular basis. The precision of automatic data processing, safeguards that the data is correctly extracted and entered in the exact fields. Road-maps for leads processes the data available with CRM system.


  1. Data driven forecasting

Forecasting enables accurate forecasting and for effective business decisions. For a consecutive sales order tracking it is necessary to delegate the business resources. Artificial Intelligence, using tools for predictive analysis is a form of data mining and using statistical modelling and analysis.


Over time, the CRM system will enable a company to do a better job by targeting potential customers. The decision made thus, holds a maximum value for the business. As the business grows, it is necessary to have an effective system with continuous improvement. Therefore, it is essential to strategize your business along with innovations. Artificial Intelligence is creating a boom in all industries. Artificial Intelligence has a potential impact on CRM systems and empowers functions and automation in the system.

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