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S. R. Seating is a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of an immersed range of Auditorium & Theatre Chairs. The firm made custom seats for Auditoriums & Theatres and has catered its services most prominent companies. Besides the company had several outstanding resources of all sort, there were several critical setbacks which hindered their normal workflow. However, very soon the hindrances & flaws were identified by the management & listed emphatically.

Following were some setbacks listed here:

  • Firstly, the sales department were not able to decide when to set the delivery date of product with the clients. This issue arose because the sales department were unaware of the production status; there was a fissure in the communication between sales & production departments, which led sales department to make inappropriate delivery plan. As a result of this, costumers were not getting their product delivered on the time as they were told by the salespeople.
  • Purchase department had very little knowledge about the inventory; let it be any sort of inventory RAW or semi-finished. Because of this; purchase department was not able to make prioritized decisions, lack of knowledge on inventory led the purchasing department to procure the material inappropriately.
  • This issue extended to forecasting in purchase department; inaccurate inventory information hindered them to forecast the material requirements as well.
  • An improper insight was one more critical issue faced by the decision makers. Having deeper insights of performance indicators will reveal a lot of mysteries; help management to prioritize the work.

There were plenty of other drawbacks faced by S. R. Seating, in order to get rid of all these issues, S. R. Seating went beyond the traditional way of doing business & made a smart decision of employing Xobber. With the implementation of Xobber; many pitfalls were tackled smoothly & swiftly. It was complete automation of all business activities, which ultimately resulted in fruitful outcomes. An access to all vital business data was available at various points with apt authentication & authorization. As a consequence of which decision making at various hierarchical level turned easy & with no bottlenecks, every single activity performed quite well.

Xobber is filled with several brilliant features; that’s adequate for enhancing your business performance. It unlocks hidden gems into your business data & serves as an intellect for making the most promising decisions in moments.

Features Equipped with Xobber:

  • Fantastic Dashboard that puts all the necessary reports at one place
  • Key Performance Indicators report reveals a lot of insightful & lucrative data
  • Comes with Key Performance Indicators meter
  • Hooks-Up all the internal workforce in one closed loop system
  • Automated quotation creating system
  • Lead & Lead Source console shows the sources & number of lead generation
  • In-Built reminder lets you set reminders for an important task

Further, there are plenty of other features available with Xobber which makes the tool typically smart. Register for free Demo right now & get ready for making smart business decisions now.

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