7 Ways CRM Boosts Up Your Sales

crm increasing sales

A business that is reliant on sales for its revenue, must run smoothly to get success. From small to medium to large sized organisation, CRM is a way to focus on what really matters in business. CRM systems can assist you in increasing your sales apart from only improving your customer service.

Let us examine the ways how CRM system assists in growing your sales:

  1. Finding appropriate leads:

Once you’ve spent time and money on generating new leads, the next question is now what? They need to be passed on to your sales team and then needs to be qualified. By connecting marketing and sales team on a common platform “CRM”, both can get a complete view of leads and prospects. The right CRM helps in developing high quality leads.


  1. Reducing costs:

New prospects are key ingredients for continual growth, but it’s not easy to get them and not cheap too. CRM reduces costs by reducing errors, curtailing new customer acquisition costs. Costs reduced can be utilized for marketing or sales purpose, thus enhancing sales.


  1. Improving employees productivity and customer retention:

Adopting the right technology saves time of your employees’ from heavy processes and tasks. This gives them more time to interact with customers, which strengthening customer relationships. Visibility across your team and their work lets you provide more satisfying services and experiences, which keeps your customers coming back to you.


  1. Realistic Forecasting:

Storing all your sales data in one system lets you make fore accurate forecasting and planning for the future. It lets sales manager set more accurate, achievable sales targets, based on the past real sales data. This historical sales data can also be shared with the sales team too, to make them understand what the sales figures are achievable and what are unrealistic.


  1. Simplifying reporting and Follow-up:

Reporting sales activities becomes easy and transparent with CRM system. Sales people can easily prepare their weekly or monthly reports with CRM. This system also gives automatic reports which sales people can use. Follow-up becomes easy and automatic with CRM software, due to presence of reminders, email integration, scheduling opportunities, etc. Follow ups on time builds customer relationships and your business image.


  1. Ensuring transparency and enhances sharing:

With CRM transparency comes to its peak among the team. It allows everyone to see the same information and share it openly.

CRM software allows effortless sharing of information across teams.it enhances coordination. Sharing of sales documents becomes easier, improving the sales team performance and ultimately closing more sales.


  1. Tracking sales process:

Every business has its sales process and a team associated for the accomplishment of that process. You can use a CRM system to monitor this process. You can check your sales team performance at every stage of the sales process. Sales pipeline management becomes easy with a CRM system.


In a nutshell, the sales team and CRM is not an immediate perfect match, but the more the integration and acceptance is there, the more benefit you reap. If adopted and utilized effectively any sales team can boost up their performances.

If you’re looking for a CRM, then we will highly recommend Xobber. Xobber is a cloud-based CRM which is customizable and comes up with variant features and automation. Xobber automates your business processes to improve operational efficiency and integrates all business information. Xobber is designed for small and medium businesses. It is a perfect CRM tool to boost up your sales, ultimately your business revenue.

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