5 CRM Trends in 2018 to be looked upon

CRM Trends 2018

CRM technology is ever evolving and will continue to evolve in the years to come. What a world of CRM will have in 2018 and how will it transform your business operations? So let’s have look on big 5 CRM trends that are expected in 2018:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology:

Labor done manually or incompetent business processes are no more a friend of the dynamic business. For more efficiency, CRMs need to adjust workflows automatically and this is made possible through the implementation of AI technology. This technology has the capability of making every business smart. Automatic workflow adjustments through AI will help save time as well as reduced data entry workload. Artificial Intelligence will bring new power of sorting data and analysis. This mechanisms now also collects data from various sources including social media.

  1. Omni-Channel CRM:

Tracking and providing a high level of customer support service becomes difficult when there are number of channels for communicating and this is when Omni-channel CRM comes into picture to save the businesses. By connecting all streams data businesses will have much deeper, 360 degree customer’s view. CRM is then the place for providing outstanding customer experience by combining data from various sources.

  1. Social Media to Social CRM:

The next frontier in CRM is Social CRM especially for those businesses who want social network optimization to get closer to their customers. Social CRM, along with engagement and interaction with existing potential customers will also give the organisation access to customers’ behavior and opinion data, which aids in quick resolution of issues anytime and from anywhere. Many businesses have diligently embraced social media.

  1. Cloud-based CRM:

CRM is continuing to move towards cloud as compared to on-premises system. The first and foremost crucial benefit attached to having a cloud based CRM is not requiring maintenance of the server and the installation associated. Conjointly, the access is easy and quite prompt. The cloud technology offers you more CRM options which results in reasonable pricing for everyone. Xobber is one such CRM which caters to all the benefits of cloud based CRM and keeps you competing with the upcoming technology.

  1. Tighter external tools and services integration:

Another important trend in upcoming years is to improve system performance through secure and concise integration of external tools. CRM companies are required to find out ways for integrating new tools and services across all applications such as sales, marketing and customer support.


As the market expands, more pressure will be laid on CRM providers to meet the growing demand in every aspect, be it security or customer experience. Businesses needs to know the ways to harness CRM for building and keeping customer relationship. CRM will continue to evolve and grow in upcoming years and it’s the business responsibility to vigorously engage themselves in this adoption.

Try out Xobber, a cloud based CRM with AI technology integrated letting your customers get better customer experience and ultimately amplifying your business revenue.

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