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With Xobber you can now have a flawless access to your business information & insights. A smart custom-made tool which not only turns your business easier, but also renders a great assistance in the amplification of business leads and giving a tough contest to the forerunners in your niche. Make a smart decision by opting Xobber as a part of business instrument.

Presentation of Data with Performance Meter

Raw data isn’t lucid business information; to have a comprehensible knowledge of business progression, an apt personalization of information is pretty necessary. Data presentation with widgetized interface allows you understand the key performance of your business.

Keep A Record of Lead Generation Sources

Have proper insights of your business to take better decisions. Dig deeper into your business insights & advance towards business expansion. Recognize the appropriate channel of lead generation to place a strong emphasize on appropriate sources.

Connected Through A Single System

Avoid spending your time in notifying your activities to the superiors, let Xobber CRM do this work in a smarter way. The closed loop system of Xobber connects all your contemporaries at one place & notifies all your activities to your peers.

Schedule Everything You Need

No matter whether it’s a meeting or an event; schedule everything very smartly. With Xobber CRM schedule your meetings, proceedings, activities & much more.

Follow the Negotiation

Which deal has went to what extent is now a track-able metric. With Xobber get an instant progressive report of your dealings or negotiations that are happening between you & your client.

Prioritizing the Task

Prioritizing the tasks as per their requirement will smoothen your daily activities & ultimately leads to completion of a transaction on time. Xobber have this tool as well.

Get deeper business insights now with Xobber

Xobber unlocks every single performance indicators & lets you take wise decision based on smart business insights you'd get at your dashboard.

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